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        March forward Regardless of Trails and Hardships 2018-01-16
        Group Organizes Expansion Training for Fourth Group of Reserve Backbone 2017-11-16
        A Safe Vacation, A Happy Summer 2017-08-16
        Voluntary Blood Donation Makes World Full of Love 2017-07-16
        Pay Attention to Safety and Prevent Fire at Any Time 2017-05-16
        Group Labor Union Organizes Job Skill Competition 2017-05-16
        Summer Camp “Little Migratory Birds” Carried by the Group 2016-08-16
        Fire Drill Promotes Safe Enterprise 2015-05-01
        Successful Conclusion of the Quality and Environmental System Supervision and Audit in 2014 2014-07-21
        The 3rd League Member Congress & the General Election Meeting held by the Youth League Committee of the Group 2014-06-18
        “Celebrating May Day and Welcoming the May Fourth”Evening Gala held by the Party Member Service Station of Dunli Group 2014-05-05
        Caring about the Healthy Growth of Next Generation is a Long-term and Arduous Task 2014-01-02
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