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        “Celebrating May Day and Welcoming the May Fourth”Evening Gala held by the Party Member Service Station of Dunli Group

            On the evening of April 28, the “‘celebrating May Day and Welcoming the May Fourth’ Evening Gala of Party Member Service Station of Dunli Group”, sponsored by the Party Member Service Station of Dunli Group, was held in the Multi-Function Hall. Actors showed their good mental attitude and excellent acting talent by virtue of wonderful theatrical performance. More than 200 people consisting of representatives of each subsidiary of the Group and the Service Station attended this evening gala.
        This is a dance prepared for youth, a merry song composed for the festival, a stage for displaying the demeanor of youth, and a pageant for celebrating May Day and welcoming the May Fourth! Actors in the     gala expressed their good wishes for Youth Day through various forms, paying tribute to the glory and greatness of laborers. Focusing on the theme of “Youth and Labor”, this gala paid attention to entertainments and at the same time showed youth’s devotion to labor and their enthusiasm to life. Based on the tenet of carrying forward the mental attitude of young people in Dunli Group, enriching the cultural atmosphere of Dunli Group, and strengthening the cultural communication among young workers, this gala displayed Dunli workers’ pursuit of beauty, understanding of art, and enthusiasm of life, adding a brilliant rainbow to the splendid future of the Group.

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