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        Successful Conclusion of the Quality and Environmental System Supervision and Audit in 2014
            From July 14 to July 19, Hangzhou WIT Assessment Co., Ltd carried out a site audit on four subsidiaries of Dunli Group, namely Hangzhou Dunli Store & Display Fixtures Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Yidun Furniture Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Haishang Technology Service Co., Ltd, and Hangzhou Nanlun Industry Co., Ltd. External auditors made a sampling inspection on aspects such as their management system files, system improvement, problems on working sites, and customer satisfaction one by one in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001Standard.
            After six days’ audit, the external auditors highly appreciated the efforts made by those subsidiaries in quality and environmental management. Based on a consensus of systems in those four companies being suitable and efficient, they unanimously agreed that the above-mentioned companies passed the audit.
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