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        Fire Drill Promotes Safe Enterprise
              To earnest work out fire safety work of the Group and improve fire protection consciousness and self-relief capacity of the staff, the Security Environment Committee of the Group organized fire drills in southern and northern factory areas on April 8 and April 10 respectively. For the drills, firefighters from Renhe Sub-district Fire Brigade have been invited to give guidance on drills.
              At 10 o’clock, fire drill began when two red fire-fighting trucks slowly approved the factory area. 
              After a blaring fire alarm went off, staff of all departments ran out of the plants under the guidance of the evacuators and arrived at the designated evacuation site within the specified period. Safety Officers immediately counted the number of people at the site to ensure that all personnel have gathered together. Zhou Maofu, the Deputy Director of the Security Environment Committee emphasized the purpose and significance of fire drill and importance of improving safety awareness and made brief introduction to the fire drill. The Leader of Renhe Subdistrict Fire Brigade explained how to use fire-fighting equipment and how to put out incipient fire to the staff at the site. Then, relevant personnel of all departments participated in simulated fire drill and learned how to use hose nozzle.
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