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        “Pay Attention to Safety and Prevent Fire at Any Time ——Fire Drill of Group

              To earnest work out fire safety work of the Group and subsidiaries, to ensure the personal and property safety of employees and companies, to improve strain capacity and self-relief capacity of the staff in the event of a fire or emergency, and to minimize loss of property and save lives in the disaster, the Security & Environment Committee of the Group invited Renhe Sub-district Fire Brigade to conduct fire drills with the theme of “paying attention to safety and prevent fire at any time” on the afternoon of May 9th to improve fire protection consciousness of employees.
             Fire drills were conducted on time in accordance with the actual conditions of the various subsidiaries of the Group and Renhe Sub-district Fire Brigade. After a blaring fire alarm went off, staff of all departments and workshop ran out of the plants under the guidance of the evacuators and arrived at the designated evacuation site within the specified period. The Leader of Renhe Sub-district Fire Brigade also explained the methods to escape, the importance of fire safety and recent fire cases to the staff. Then, everyone practiced the use of fire extinguishers and water belts under the guidance of the members of Renhe Sub-district Fire Brigade.

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