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        Hangzhou Dunli Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is the industrial company of Dunli Group general equipment, specializing in manufacturing of external rotor fan, centrifugal fan, and its products are widely applied in ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration industries. It has over 200 employees currently. With professional R&D team, perfect testing equipment, advanced production line and scientific production management, the products made and developed by the company are with low noise, strong air, stable operation and long life span. After national mandatory product certification test, its noise, air quantity, temperature rise, balance, life span and other technical indexes are in leading position among the same industry.

        Hangzhou Dunli Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.: www.dunlielectric.com/en

        Tel:+86 0571- 86302282 +86 86301777 +86 86300699
        E-mail: dunlielectric@www.zj998-ks.com
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